How do I unhide newsblur stories when I've accidentally hid them? (Windows version)

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Do you mean when hiding them with shift+U or shift+F?

Well, the question seems to be moot. I signed out and signed back in about 3 times, and then all my unread articles showed up again.

I don’t know why, but earlier - right under my user name on the left - it suddenly said ‘239 hidden’ (rather than listing 239 as unread)… And sure enough, the notes no longer showed up.

But now everything looks fine again. Thanks.

I guess you are the “victim” of my problem too. :wink: I’ve been also wondering why in the “Focus” tab I see hidden stories while I can’t recall hiding anything in Newsblur.

However, I believe those are not real HIDDEN stories - those are stories that you have just marked as READ in your current session. That’s why they disappear when you log into Newsblur again.