How do I subscribe to my favorite news feeds? Buzzfeed? Gothamist? Twister Sifter? etc.

I’ve been using Feedly and want to import all my news feeds into NewsBlur. Is this possible? If not, how do I subscribe to these feeds individually?


Get an OPML file from Feedly using this link:

Then go to Newsblur, click on the gear icon on the bottom left, and click on ‘Import or Upload sites’. Give it the OPML file.

I’m planning on building a Feedly importer, but they haven’t given me API access yet.

Thank you Bradley! I followed the link as instructed and I’m asked what program I want to open the file with. I’m not very technical as you can tell. Which program should I select?

Do you have an option to save the file? Just save it to your desktop as feedly.opml.

Thanks! Got it. Appreciate the help.