How do I set my sites?

When I try to set my sites, I can’t scroll down to see any sites beyond the first 18 that come up in the pop up to turn them on or off.

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So what’s the issue? Can you post a screenshot? Free accounts can only have up to 64 sites.

When I go to the ‘choose your 64 sites’ option, it doesn’t let me get to sites below the first 18 that are listed to turn on or off.

Are you in unread/focus mode? It seems to only display the sites that are actually visible in the mode you’ve selected.

I can turn any of these sites on or off, or hit the default ‘reset popular sites’ tab, but I can’t adjust anything below. I want to upgrade to a premium membership, but I want to be able to turn off sites. Judging from the lack of any response, that might not be possible?

Oh, you can’t scroll? It may be an extension or something odd with your setup. What browser/OS are you running and what extensions do you have installed?