How do I remove followers from my private Blurblog?

I made my Blurblog private so that I can share articles privately with just my wife. However, all the followers from when it was public can still see my shares and private comments. How can I remove those followers? Thanks!

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If it’s a one-time thing, just email me usernames and I can remove them.

Samuel, would you consider giving users the option to make their Blurblog either public or limited to specific other NewsBlur users? I’m in the same situation as the prior comment.

Is this still the process for removing followers? I have a couple of followers I want to remove, but can’t figure out how. Thanks!

Email me your username and the other usernames. I’m happy to remove them.

By the way, in response to the above request, we now have private and protected blurblogs. You can now make your blurblog entirely private so that your share comments aren’t even shown to other users. Protected means they’re shown but only followers (who have to be approved by you) can reply.