How do I read long posts? Normal methods keep skipping to the next post.

I was trying to read a post that was 2 pages. For the life of me, I don’t understand why the down arrow and up arrow skip to the next post. It seems that there is no way in the interface (other than scrolling using the mouse) to get to continue reading the post I am on and *NOT* mark the next post as read. I know that spacebar will move me down a page, but if I use the spacebar and the beginning of the next post shows up, it marks that as read as well. Seems clunky and difficult to be precise when reading feeds.


You want to lock the mouse indicator (that little red dorito in the Feed view). Just click it.

This post also convinced me to make it locked by default, instead of track your mouse. So that’s good!

Thanks! But, not sure that solves this. I locked it, but I still can’t read longer posts without either (1) using the mouse or (2) having it mark the next post post as read whenever the title appears in the bottom of the view (using the space bar). Personally, I think being able to configure the up and down arrow to have diferent behavior would be idea. I’d also like to see a one post at a time feet without it being a “river of posts” … but that’s just me. Thanks!

Try the “Text” view? It still moves next/previous with the arrow keys, but at least the scrolling will stop when it hits beginning/end with Shift+Space and Space.

Try using shift+enter. It’ll enter the Text mode temporarily, only for that story. (Enter does the same, but for Story mode)

Drats. Limitation of a free account. Can’t see if this works for me… Regardless, seems counter-intuitive to hit down and have move down further than just a line or so.