How do I know if training is working?

Where/how can I see the results of training? And, how can I tweak the (existing) rules?


… anyone???

There are two ways to use training: thumbing up and thumbing down. If you thumb down stories, you should see a “Show Hidden Stories” button at the top of the screen. If you thumb up stories, you should see a green unread count, which you can filter for by select the Focus control at the bottom of the screen.

At any point you can verify trained facets by right-click on a feed and going to Intelligence Trainer. Trained facets are also highlighted in green/red in the Feed and Text view.

I want to see the results of training, such as in a log, that shows me what the training is doing to my individual stories. Where can I see that?

There is no log, you just see the training in action by reading your feeds and occasionally clicking “Show Hidden Stories” to confirm what’s gone. And you can also right-click on individual stories and see the trainer there.

Essentially it’s sort of guesswork at this point. I think it should be made clearer to the end user.

Possibly the Activities pane would be the right place to log this sort of information.

Any thoughts on that?

If every story affected but your training got an entry in the activities pane there would be nothing else it it.

  • A story that contains a string, tag or other parameter that you have thumbed down will be hidden.

  • A story that contains a string, tag or other parameter that you have thumbed up will be marked in green and show in focus mode.

  • Thumbs up takes priority over thumbs down, an item that matches both thumbs down and thumbs up rules will thus be show and marked green.

I don’t see what part of it could be described as guesswork. It does exactly what you tell it using the rules you give it.

I want to see the results of the training. This would be very helpful in debugging a training rule, and just to know it’s working the way I expect it to.