How do I import from Google Reader?

Hi, another Google Reader refugee here. I created an account but I don’t see anywhere to import my feeds from Reader. I do see a greyed-out settings icon. Do I need a paid account to be able to do this?

(If it helps, I do want to pay for an account, but only if I’m going to use it. But I don’t know if I want to use it until I can compare. And I can’t compare unless I have my data. Oh what a tangled web we weave.)

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Click the green “+” icon in the bottom left corner and in the dialogue choose the bottom option to import.

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“I don’t know if I want to use it until I can compare”

The site is basically dead from overload right now. But once its alive my gameplan is to set up a free account, manually add one feed, something kinda busy, how bout slashdot, then compare. After all I’ll be adding stuff manually long after the initial import so I may as well compare that.

The dev.newsblur demo works awesome and if the real thing is anywhere near as good as the demo I’m looking forward to sending this dude some money. I should have ditched goog-reader a long time ago. Assuming the load / scalability issues get fixed. I mean, 7am and the sites dead, whats it going to be like at 9am?

dev.newsblur is not a demo, it’s the real thing with a new, beta frontend. It shares the same backend as the main site so anything you do on dev will be reflected on the main site once it’s no longer overloaded.

I was looking at dev, which doesn’t appear to have the import option (yet). Thanks for the answer, and sorry for the confusion!

Will you be able to import starred items from Google Reader?