How do I hide this?

I accidentally hit something on my keyboard and this box on the bottom popped up again. I remember turning it off ages ago, but now it’s back and it refuses to go away. Did you remove the option or something?

Update: So we’re all on the same page, I just discovered that this is called the “story titles pane”. Same question still stands: How do I kill it? It’s a huge waste of space.

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Figured it out on my own after fiddling with the “full” and “list” buttons on the top of the website. But I could have sworn there was a keyboard shortcut to hide the stories pane? Anyway, I’m happy, sorry for creating this thread and then replying to another thread with a similar complaint.

In the top-right of the page there are three buttons for Full, Split, and List view. You’re currently in split, you want Full.