How do I get Newsblur on my toolbar?

Good morning… I just got my premium subscription and tried to download the Firefox extension. It says that the reader is there but I don’t see any “clickable” button on my toolbar that would make it easier to see my feeds. Am I missing something?

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Well, I was hoping for some feedback, but so far, no luck… :frowning:

Do I have to bookmark the site and get my feed by visiting the site, instead of a click on the toolbar? I am ok with it, but would like to know if I am missing some way to add it to my toolbar

any advice is very much appreciated!



There is no Firefox extension. Whatever there is is a third party plugin. NewsBlur doesn’t have an unread count for your toolbar.

Thank you for your reply… I wonder if it’s something that could be considered for a future modification of the system?

anyway, thanks for clarifying that.

I found an extension for chrome, but it’s very simple. Would be nice to be able to check the feeds without loading a new tab.