How do I find the new SEARCH bar? I cannot see it and I am a paid user. Thanks.Robbie White


It’s in the title bar when selecting a feed (browser, I think itdoes not work in IOS or Android). And, you have to select a feed, not a folder.

OK, I see it, but it seems to only search all UNREAD stories. How do I search all stories in a news feed, or simply search ALL my feeds (so, maybe I search “Paul McCartney” - that might appear in 5 or 6 blog feeds, but all are already read stories).

Well, for me it searches all stories (all my stories are read as I only follow a few feeds). But as explained by Samuel (see this news : Jul 30, 2013 Search your feeds, saved stories, and shared stories by title, author, and tags)
It’s only a feed level search and only in the items : title, author and tag.
This might make you think it only searches unread stories.

It searches all stories, not just unread stories.

Hi i can t see search bar in the folder, only on feed, its possible?Paid user kambizpascia. Thank

This ability to simply search through ALL the feeds at one time is indeed the search function that was available in GReader and that I miss the NewsBlur. OTOH, the ability to email a particular blog post was something that I also missed and we can do that now, so hopefully the search will happen too.

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