How do I delete training tags applied in error?

How do I revise my training rules? I trained newsblur to recognize part of a title in a feed, but I selected the wrong portion of the title. I can see the tag and give it a thumbs up/thumbs down, but I can’t remove it.

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In the intelligence trainer dialog, if you hit the thumbs-up button on something you’ve already thumbs-upped, that removes the thumbs-up from that item. If it was title text that you highlighted, it will then go away altogether after you save the training.

That’s fine if the dialog is still up.

I have a heavily filtered feed, and I’m not sure what the terms it’s using to filter stuff out anymore, since I never see those stories. Hunting down (a) a non-existent setting to edit the training data, then (b) going through recently read-and-hidden stories to find the term was very annoying.

You can open the dialog by right-clicking (or clicking the pull-down menu) on the feed itself, rather than an individual story. That shows you all the filters that are applied to that feed.

Thank you. That is exactly what I was looking for. I never saw anything that indicated there were feed level settings.