How do I delete over 1000 saved stories?

Having imported many saved stories when google reader disappeared I now realise that I never view them and I would like to delete them. How can I do that in one go rather than one by one?

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There isn’t any way to do it except ‘one by one’. Just alternately hit the down arrow and the “S” key to unsave them … it took me about 30 min to delete 1900 the other day that have been mounting up since Feb … since then, I have adopted a more strict policy of accumulating no more than 100 … if I don’t need the stories by then, they ought to be deleted anyway.

I agree - 30 minutes is not the end of world! I’ll start now…
Many thanks

As of this minute, I have 6,447 saved stories. I can anticipate the desire for an API, at least, for deleting.

Sounds like you have about 2.5 hours of button pushing at this point, because a ‘clearing’ feature has been voiced several times … and it will not be forthcoming. Technology cannot always replace a measure of self-control …

… really, not even for Apple users?

I’m happy to build it, but there’s two ways to do it. I could just make a big button that says “Delete all saved stories” (In Manage > Account, next to delete sites), and then a better button that has a date that says any stories older than that date. Would you want the date ability?

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The date ability would be a real bonus. I don’t need any more granularity but others may wish to delete based on the original feed!
Thank you.

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Age is the primary criterion. I would guess a significant number of links older than a particular date … 2 years, 3 years … would be broken anyway.

Hmm. This is another possibility … purge all saved stories with broken links older than X date.

That said, if there is already an API for saved stories (I am too lazy to go look), then we could implement our own filtering for age or broken links or whatever, and finally call a (new) API to delete the selected items. Perhaps an API to delete is all we need.

Glad to hear that a simple solution is on the way, Sam. Thank you …

Ok, deployed. This may crap out if you have many thousands of stories, but they should get deleted even if the request fails.

It’s under Manage > Account > Delete saved stories older than …

Nice feature. Which parameter “older than” checks? The article’s published date, or when it was saved?

Great, thanks a lot! That was a feature I was waiting for.

I would prefer a button on the main screen though (with pop-up dialogue) instead of two menues deep.

An additional option “all” next to the date would be a plus.

It uses the date the story was saved. And if you want to delete everything, just use the pre-selected date, which is always “today”.

With the preselected date, the stuff I’ve saved today isn’t deleted. So I have to change to tomorrow.

Can you change that?

If not, no worries. I think I can still work with that.

Just set it a day in the future. It uses midnight of that day, which has already passed.

Works perfectly - thank you

“10,355 stories have been deleted.”  I went from 11000+ to 765 in just a couple minutes.  Nice feature, Works great. Here’s hoping I don’t miss something vital.