How do I copy a story's url?

How do I copy the URL of a story to send it to a friend? Right clicking on the title causes the “Open/Save/Email” option to appear, but I cannot copy the url.


Interesting, I never considered the need to get that url. Your best bet is to Command+click on the story title and the story will open in a new tab. Then you have the URL.

The real issue is that I don’t know where to put something like a URL for every story. Last thing I’d want to do is clutter the interface further, so it’s a no-go until I find a good place.

What about something like a shift right click that doesn’t cause that menu to appear?

How about putting a “Copy URL” entry in the story’s menu (where you have “Open”, “Save…”, “Intelligence trainer”) and also a keyboard shortcut (maybe Alt+C)?


Just for copying the url? Right-click is extremely finicky between browsers. Not to mention who would guess that combination just to get a url (which would require Flash to work, since the clipboard is not reliably available to JavaScript in any browser except IE).

I’m thinking that it would just allow the propagation to continue, allowing the browser right-click menu to appear. Nothing more complicated than that.

This sounds good, but there is a slight problem with this: many browsers will block access to the clipboard. That’s why so many sites that want to use your clipboard include small pieces of Flash to access it. (This is also one of the many points why Flash is seen as a security issue—I can’t block it from writing to my clipboard.)
Maybe show an item Copy URL only when the Clipboard API is accessible and otherwise show Stories URL which will pop-up a modal view with the URL displayed in an input field?

Right… I forgot that browsers don’t handle the clipboard consistently.

I think showing the CopyURL when the Clipboard API is present will just confuse users.

So just presenting the URL of the story in a dialog would be a better approach.