How can I show feeds only once in the left pane?

At the moment, my feed list shows first a list of all my feeds, then each folders with the feeds within them (so each feed is shown twice). I would like to see only the folders and their feeds.

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Hah, that is bizarretown and I have never seen a feed list like that. What I recommend you do is open up the Organizer (Manage > Organize) and select all of those duplicate feeds and delete them.

Your feed list literally has doubles and I have no idea where they came from. Did you import those from an OPML file? What news reader were you using before NewsBlur and when did you switch over?

Thanks Samuel. The export came from Feedbin.

The weird thing is: I thought it might be duplicates, so I checked the folder location of the not-in-folder feeds and their correct folder was listed. I just tried to delete one not-in-folder feed and it deleted both the in-folder and not-in-folder version…

When I refreshed the page, the folder version reappeared. So it was actually some kind of duplicates. All good now.