How are favicons turned off?

Is there a way to turn off favicons? Many feeds’ favicons are ugly and/or not unique, making them a pain to look at and/or useless. If there isn’t a way to turn them off yet, I suggest that feature be added to NewsBlur. Thanks!!

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Interesting idea, but I don’t think that’s something I want to encourage. I may add a custom CSS field one day which will allow you to write an easy customization like this:

.NB-favicon { display: none }

Alternatively, you can add that line to your browser’s custom stylesheet.

Thanks for the reply. Adding

.NB-favicon { display: none }

to my browser’s stylesheet didn’t work, but

.feed_favicon { display: none }

did the job. Wish there was some way to turn off icons in the iPhone app too (otherwise I love the app & hope NewsBlur will keep me away from Google Reader permanently).