Home page books in Chrome don't work

So, this is a problem that’s been happening for a year on me on multiple machines. I set Newsblur to be one of my startup tabs in Chrome. Whenever I open up Chrome, I get some of the navigation elements visible but none of the posts. I always have to refresh to get the folder list and the post list.

This is on multiple machines and installations, but they are all Ubuntu or Kubuntu distributions. The latest version I’m using is 34.0.1847.116.

Steps I use to duplicate:

  1. Navigate to a URL like https://newsblur.com/folder/comics
  2. Go into Chrome settings
    a. In “On Startup”, change to “A specific page or set of pages”
    b. Set to the current page
  3. Quit Chrome
  4. Start Chrome

I also get it with restoring pages after crashes.

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It’s a Chrome bug, it looks like. It’s because the site is being loaded in a background tab, which doesn’t have the same JS resources.