Hmm - all unread items marked read

On sunday I opened the iOS app, was reading a folder, marked the folder read and when I went back to the ‘all’ view I saw the app refresh and ALL of my feeds were marked read.  Anyone else have this happen?  It’s not the end of the world but I had items I was holding to go back to read (yes, I know about save and use it - don’t judge me on my reading habits!).


It’s likely that what happened is that you were in the All Stories folder, which operates exactly like any other folder. And if you hit the mark read button in there, you’ve just marked everything as read. There should be a confirmation, but it may be turned off for you. I’m not sure that you’d want a confirmation on an All Stories Mark Read event, but I might add that independently of the regular confirmation on folders.

That’s not an option on the iOS screen from the All Feeds at least for me anyway…