History of stories marked read?

I had been keeping two stories unread for a while, until I had a chance to dig in. However, the iOS app appears very aggressive about making stories read in a way that surprised me (normally, I use the Android app). I remembered one of my stories that I had been saving, but can’t remember the other. Is there any way to view the history of what has been marked as read? It would be very helpful.

Yes, your read stories are available in the “Read Stories” folder on the main screen of the iOS app (or the Web app, which might be easier if you need to mark a whole lot of stories unread).

The “aggressiveness” you’re noticing might be that the iOS app by default marks stories read as you scroll by them. You can turn this off in Preferences: gear icon at the bottom right of the main screen > Preferences, then turn off “Mark stories read on scroll” in the Story List section.

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Perfect, thank you.

I don’t suppose there’s a way to order by when they were marked read, rather than the date of the story?

They are loaded in the order read. They just display the original story date, but their native order in ‘Read Stories’ is the order you read them in.

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