Hide story titles pane

I have no use for the list of headlines. Up until yesterday, I could adjust the height of the pane so that it was “hidden”. But as of yesterday, this doesn’t work. I can minimize the pane to a certain extent but it’s still visible with a couple of headlines.

Please either allow us to adjust the size of this pane or provide an option to get rid of it altogether.

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Use shift+t to hide it.

Thank you!

When I use shift-t, it hides it, but it always comes back whenever I open newsblur again. I have to shift-t every time. Is there a permanent way to hide it?

Yes, can it be remembered, please?

It used to stay hidden, but within the past week, something changed. It remembers that I’ve shrunk it down as far as it can go, but doesn’t remember that I’ve hidden it. I have to Shift-T it away every time.