Hide Article List Pane

I’d like the ability to hide the article list rather than just move it around the screen. I find it a waste of space that could be used for articles.


You can already do this.

The grey bar used to resize the Story titles pane (to use its actual name) has a small dot right in the middle. This dot only shows up when you have the pane on top or bottom of the screen and actually marks a 50px wide button to collapse the whole thing.

It’s a bit of a hidden feature but it is most certainly there. Putting your mouse pointer on it will turn it into a finger to display it as clickable and keeping it there will bring the tooltip ‘Close’ into view.

If you have the pane set to display on the left there is a 50px heigh button in the middle as well, but there is no dot to easily find it.

Yeah, just resize it. If you collapse it, I believe some things won’t work. But just resize it to 50 px high and you should be fine.

That doesn’t solve the problem. It’s still there taking up space. You’ve got code to move the thing around the page, is it really that much more difficult to add code to remove it? Even a simple “display: none;” that could be toggled in the settings would be great.

The issue isn’t hiding it. You can hide it just fine (and I could just as easily add a permanent preference for keeping it hidden). It comes down to the fact that I developed that story titles pane so long ago (2 years now), it wasn’t developed correctly in such a way as to continue working when it isn’t visible on the page. And unfortunately, it’s not a high enough priority right now to dedicate the 2-3 days I would need to get it working while hidden. If I hear from more users, I’ll dedicate some time, but I’ve got the next version of the iPhone app going out within a day or two, then I’m going to hopefully get the instant unread count updates out. And social, of course.

Mind you, 2-3 days is at my current level of only working on NewsBlur while on the train, commuting to and from my full-time job. It’s a matter of 3-4 hours of work.

I really appreciate the feedback. It’s nice to get a response, even if it’s not the one I was hoping for. :slight_smile: Your dedication to your users has convinced me to purchase an account.

Woohoo! OK, this has moved up a bit in priority, but it’ll take a bit of time to get right. As usual, remind me in a month if this hasn’t happened yet. I may have more time then.

bumping this topic, +1 for this, whenever you have the time :slight_smile:

I’d like to see this too, some of my feeds are heavy on large images, so hiding the list makes it easier to see the article. I can click the dot each time, but it’d be nicer if there was a config option to permanently hide it.

I think you’ll be happy to know that dev.newsblur.com has a button to view the stories as a list (it’s called “List view”). But I think until the redesign on dev.newsblur.com gets deployed in production you can use the “Shift+T” keyboard shortcut to toggle the stories list.

cool, I didn’t know about the shift+t/clicking the bar trick. Thanks!

Shift-T is definitely nice… but can there be an option to move this pane to the right side of the screen instead of the bottom? A full 1/3 of my Macbook Pro’s screen is blank, and yet there are so many things fighting for the little vertical screen real-estate.

I think what you’re looking for can be found in Preferences->Feeds->Story titles pane->Left.

+1 for hiding it “permanently” - right now it seems to pop up again when I have closed the window and come back to newsblur later on… only a minor nuisance to close it at the beginning of each “session” though :slight_smile: