Hey Guys,My premium account doesn't load more than 10 items anymore. How come?

Since some days back, my premium account doesn’t load all unread stories anymore. It only loads 10 at a time.


Hrm, are you hiding the story titles pane? Hit shift+t and see if that fixes it.

Nope, that didn’t to the trick. Still loading 6-10 stories at a time. To ready all I need to click on “All site stories” serveral times.

Here is a screen shot from where there are still 11 unread stories (22 from when I started scrolling) but when I hit “j” or try to scroll down it’s not loading any more stories.

Did you start with 22 in the view or did new stores appear as reading through? I’ve noticed that when using ‘n’ to move through mine it does not move to a new story loaded during reading as it’s not automatically loaded into the end of list of articles.

Nope, there where 22 from start. No new loading in the meantime

I’ve had the same issue for several days now. 6-20 stories will load (even if there are a couple hundred unread stories). And then I hit “All Site Stories” over and over again to keep loading.

I’ve had the same issue!
It only loads like 20 even though I’ve got at least 100+ unread. I keep hitting the All Site Stories as well to load.

Me too!


+1 i thought it had to be like this!

Depends on if you have premium or free. Free is loading 10 at a time, premium is supposed to load all unread.

I have a premium.

Mine is doing the same thing. I thought maybe it was going by categories, but when I hit All Stories I would prefer it to load all the stories instead of my having to repeatedly hit the button.

+1 to the ten item limit. It started like that when I was unpaid, but disappeared when I moved to premium. Now its back.

Do all of you have the story titles pane hidden? Try dev.newsblur.com’s new Full view, which should address this issue. I spent all day yesterday fixing this, so I hope you all have the same issue.

Yep, that did it for me, good job! Do you know when this is coming to the public release of Newsblur?

Probably tomorrow sometime. Just a few kinks to work out.