Yikes! One whole folder of sites disappeared. I’m not blaming Newsblur but they’re gone and I don’t think I deleted the folder. Any suggestions on how I can get them back? i’m afraid that an OPML file wouldn’t have them at this point.


That’s bizarre, folders don’t usually disappear like that. Of course, I have a bunch of backups, so just tell me your username and I can get you an OPML file.

I also added a nice feature that emails you a backup of your feeds when you delete a folder. Not sure what happened in this case, though. What clients do you use? Web, iOS, Android?

I very well may have accidentally deleted it. I didn’t want to go back to the OPML file I used when transferring over from Google Reader. I’ve added and deleted a lot of sites since then. My user name is zeissguy. I use the site on both web and Android. I think I did get emailed and OPML file a few days ago. I was wondering why. Can I just load the missing sites or do I need to reload the whole file?

Yes, that’s perfect. Just upload that new OPML file that you were emailed. It’ll merge in with your existing sites, thereby adding the accidentally deleted sites.

That did the trick. Thank you for adding that function. It gave me back all the missing sites. It did duplicate a few in the other folders but I was able to delete them easily.