Help Transitioning Off Google Reader

I’m a new user coming off google reader. I have the downloaded files from takeout prior to reader shutting down. I’ve tried a few times to import my feeds and starred items, but no luck so far. Is there an FAQ for Google Reader transitions, or advice on what I may be doing wrong?

Lacie (laciebug)

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Click the Settings icon on the bottom-right side of the left pane. Click Import or Upload Sites. Click Upload OMPL File. Select your file from your hard drive. Your takeout file (OMPL) may be compressed, so make sure you uncompress it first. As I recall from when I activated my account it did take some time for all of my feeds to populate. Welcome to NewsBlur. Samuel takes good care of all of us.

Yep, make sure you’re uploading the subscriptions.xml inside the .zip you downloaded from Takeout.