Help! All of my feeds stopped updating.

My feeds suddenly stopped updating. I am a premium subscriber and have never had this problem. I have nearly 900 feeds so I should have stories constantly coming through. If I click on the individual feeds it will load a very small percentage of them, but it won’t automatically load them after that. Please help – I rely heavily on this service to run a site that’s being updated many times per day.


I’ve been having this problem too. I don’t have any updates since 6am Eastern (it’s now 10 Eastern, and I’ve checked several sites that have had updates since then with no posts in Newsblur).

Same here… I’m hope it gets fixed soon.

same here. no updates since yesterday. what gives?

Looks as if this has been a problem overnight so over 12 hours. I can understand that there is a problem and that it takes time to fix. I cannot understand why Newsblur does not have an announcement about it.

Yep. No feeds since last night. I feel naked and afraid.

Yeah. Something wrong on my sweet NewsBlur.

Is this the second reader apocalypse??? Ahhhhhhh!!!

Same here. Looks like no updates for the last 12 hours

I have two feeds still updating, both from Everything else has stopped, some as early as 6pm yesterday.

135+ and counting……

Having feed read withdrawal symptoms :frowning: