Help a new person.

May have signed up prematurely. Here’s what I’m looking for: the ability to enter 20 - 25 “topics” which will generate current news stories from non-subscription news sites (initially just text but also imports images, if I so request); these links are “filterable” as a function of words, etc. (namely I’d like to block profanity). This request may seem lame but I’m 55 and don’t/can’t spend too much time figuring out how to do the above. I signed up because I thought I could do the above but now I can’t quickly figure out how to do so. If one cannot do what I’m after, please accept my donation - shame on me for acting too quickly. At least it appears as though there is no advertising, which is great. Thanks for your time!

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You probably want Prismatic. NewsBlur can do some of what you’re looking for, but you’d have to know and subscribe to the sources yourself.

On you can subscribe via rss feeds to almost any topic. Newsblur could filter that rss feed with keywords you can input.