Headlines when sending to Instapaper from an opened link in iOS client

This is a minor issue, but I hadn’t seen it documented before. If I’m browsing Newsblur on my iPhone and click on a link in an RSS article, the in-client browser calls up the page – awesome. But if I then send that page to Instapaper, the send function correctly collects the right page, BUT retains the headline title from the referring article.

So, for example, in Newsblur I might see an RSS article with the headline “Five Great Stories About Owls,” and in that post, I might click on an article called “Neurobiology of Owl Eyes.” Newsblur takes me to the page. Then, seeing that this article is incredibly long, I might send it to Instapaper. So far, Newsblur has performed perfectly.

But then, opening Instapaper later, I see a new article titled “Five Great Stories About Owls.” Opening that, I see that the page content has come from Neurobiology of Owl Eyes" as I wanted, but that the headline has traveled from the referring RSS post.

And of course, if I also clicked on “Recipe for Owl Stew” and send that to Instapaper, I have a second article in Instapaper called “Five Great Stories About Owls,” which is confusing.

Not a big deal most of the time, but I assume it’s not supposed to work this way. I also assume (perhaps wrongly) that this is a Newsblur issue, because none of the old Google Reader clients I used to use had this issue when sending content to Instapaper.


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Try the latest version, which has a rewritten instapaper activity.