Has anything happened to the PayPal support?

Has anything happened to the PayPal support?

After creating a free account, I’m redirected to some kind of queue page at https://www.newsblur.com/profile/stri…
And I only see the Visa/Master/American/Discover credit card options, I don’t see PayPal button anywhere.

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I just didn’t design the Paypal option for that screen. It’s still on the site, but I greatly prefer being paid with Stripe, so I de-emphasized it. I suppose I should figure out how to add it back to that screen.

Paypal, Amazon payments, Google Wallet… I’m willing to use any of these.
But I don’t like giving my credit card number to too many sites, or to “smaller” ones.

I deeply respect the work you have done, I know *you* won’t charge my credit card unfairly. However, what if there is a security breach and the credit card numbers leak? I have a greater amount of trust on those bigger companies in keeping the numbers secure.

Just to be clear, that is nothing specifically wrong about you, it’s just the way credit card numbers work is inherently insecure.