Hard disk working without cease - ONLY on NewsBlur

A few days ago I noticed that my SSD doesn’t stop working by experiencing an annoying sound (my wife can’t hear it, but unfortunately I do). At first I suspected Chrome (Win10, Intel Core i7), wasted hours by changing over to Firefox, only to notice: IT’S ONLY https://www.newsblur.com/folder/everything and the like, no matter what browser I use. No sounds on sites as Feedly or whatever (of course, when “something is happening” like fetching feeds or loading a site, there IS a sound, naturally). Only (I mean: ONLY) NewsBlur gives off this annoying CONSTANT noise. Any idea what causes this, and, if yes, how to stop it?

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Can you post a full browser screenshot? It’s unlikely to be NewsBlur itself and more likely to be a browser extension running. Also, try changing to single story view (under the Style popover in the bottom right).

Tnx for your quick response.  Deactivated every single browser extension (which didn’t and don’t do any harm on any other web page). Single story view is selected. No change, SSD is still working ceaselessly, seems to me (just a feeling, don’t know nothing) that NB is “doing something” (only if the NB tab is in the foreground, by the way).


Hmm, waking up this morning, only a tiny fraction of my feeds being fetched. An hour later, still no more feeds…
Update: Over the last hours at least this problem gradually vanished. But still no clue what makes the SSD work without doing something (of course, if i. e. I scroll down a side, I can hear the SSD working. But if I try to read a untouched article, the SSD’s sound drives me crazy.

Problem solved: Microsoft did it, the last Win10-Update a few days ago changed my energy-settings from: “minimal processor-performance = 0%” to “…=100%” - unbeknown to me. This only came to my mind yesterday because some other application  besides chrome also caused the processor to communicate with the SSD in unprecedented ways, although the application didn’t do anything.Why Feedly didn’t but Newsblur did cause the turmoil, I still don’t know. But who cares, lesson learnt: It’s MS’s fault, even if the facts seem to count against it. Tnx for your patience.