Grid Layout: Override/Disable Mark as Read

It’d be nice to have a way to either override the “Mark as Read” setting per folder or just a way to disable it when in the grid layout.

The grid layout seems great for previewing posts and picking which I want to read right away while saving others for later without having to actually click “save” on each one. But that plan doesn’t work as well if posts get marked as read as I scroll past, before I’ve opened them.


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Agree. Grid and card layout are not just visual gimmicks and is the sole reason I spend hours each month trying to find an alternative to newsblur. (To no avail, of course, nothing beats the intelligent trainer.) 

I’m going to add that option today (and it will default to off). However, is the grid view as it stands today good enough for launch? I’m itching to get the grid view out in production, so once I add this preference, I’m thinking of launching it.

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Yep, it’s working nicely for me. Thanks!

Couple little cosmetic things to really sell it:

The “Mark stories read on scroll” might be confusing to figure out when coupled with the “Mark a story as read” options. Some description about when each takes effect would help.

For youtube rss feeds the grid pictures are a bit blocky. If enough people use youtube feeds, it might be worth the special logic to replace the rss thumbnail with the “hqdefault.jpg” thumb or something that resizes better.

But neither of those stops it from being useful, so I don’t see a reason to hold off if you want to launch it.

I think it’s ready for launch. I can’t wait to use it as my go to view. Will you be pushing the choose your layout for feeds feature as well? i love that function. 

Update: Loving the build on dev channel. Definitely ready for launch.

Please don’t forget the first commandment of a grid view: The folder’s first story shall not open, tnx.