Great service!

Samuel, it’s taken me literally the last two months since the Reader shutdown announcement to work out my replacement. It’s almost embarrassing to think of how much time I’ve put into this decision. After scrutinizing all the options, I whittled it down to two: Newsblur and Feedbin. I bought a year subscription to both, and figure that will be enough time to settle the question.

So far I’ve found myself using Newsblur a lot more often, I think largely because your service fetches feeds way, way faster than Feedbin does right now. On the other hand, I really like that Feedbin offers tagging, and TwentyFive Squares, the developers of the Press Android app, which I use every day, just announced Feedbin as one of their Google Reader replacement backend options for Press. Hopefully they will add Newsblur as an option soon too…

Anyhow, thanks for operating such a great service. It’s definitely worth $2/month so far!

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Thanks Aaron! Glad to hear it.

I’ve been using NewsBlur, with reservations about trying other services. I was on Windows Phone, and the backend support for an app I was using brought me straight on to subscription.

So… now… I’m going to go check out Press and Feedbin, and see if it is any better a combo for Android.

But… yes… backend API support for other readers is awesome. That truly made the subscription easy for me. Would I self-host just to avoid paying? I’m glad for the option, but I guess paying was easier than running a “Fever” instance on my own…

Yeah, I was/am also hoping for Press support for Newsblur. It’s by far my favorite Android RSS app.

Well, now I feel kind of bad for bringing light to a Newsblur competitor on Newsblur’s own help site. That wasn’t my intent!