gReader (Android App) Support?

I read that the developer of gReader (the hands down best RSS app for android in my opinion) is already in contact with you.

I just wanted to say that I would even be willing to pay extra (in addition to my premium account right now) to use his app.

Right now gReader is the reason I will go with feedly.


I would be willing to pay extra too. gReader is a very good app.

What you say Samuel?

Could you kindly consider it.?

I third this, I love this service but I cannot get down with the android app :slight_smile:

I have switched to feedly as my main rss solely because of the lack of an acceptable mobile reader. I use Press but also own gReader and would HAPPILY use either of them.

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The NewsBlur Android app is the only android app that supports NewsBlur’s social and training. And it’s quite a good app, too. I know you’re used to these other third party apps, but nobody is going to give NewsBlur the care and attention that I will, so don’t rely on them when a first-class native app exists.

I can appreciate that :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I use the background sync heavily on the third party apps so I can read when I don’t have service (which is pretty common in my life sadly). Without that I have a hard time seeing myself using any news app regularly. Do you think that local storage for offline use (sync) is a feasible feature coming?

FTR I am a paying member and absolutely love Newsblur. Not trying to bitch and moan I love what you doing and am more than happy to support it’s growth. This is just a feature I have a hard time working without.

Yup, better offline sync and background sync are planned features for android.

From reading a few threads you seem to have a bit of a downer on third party apps, which is a shame as it might be a way to spread the work load a bit. Even Google with all their resources had a crap Android app for reader, hence the vast choice of third party options.

Reeder was the clear winner for me on iOS and when I switched to Android a couple of years ago it took ages to find a replacement. However Reader+ was the one for me and I ended up using that far more than the web front end.

I found out yesterday that Reader+ now works with feedly as a back end so even though I am a paid up NewsBlur premium member I am setting Feedly up and will live there for a bit to see if the superior mobile option outweighs the current failings of their cloud client.

Training is nice but it does not work how I expect it to a lot of the time(green trumps red) and I only use it as a filter for two noisy feeds. Social is entirely disposable for me as I don’t know anyone who uses NewsBlur.

I guess the point of the above is that a mobile news reader app seems to be a pretty personal thing and it would surely help your cause if there were a few more options for NewsBlur. But I suppose they might be more trouble than they are worth from your perspective.

It is an improved app, for sure. But here’s why I’m using Press (with feedly back end) rather than the Newsblur app:

  • Integrated text view (and in-app browser)
  • I can mark articles as unread
  • The item list isn’t in a tiny font (and shows article snippets)
  • I can mark feeds/folders as read, and save/star items, 100% reliably (I have to retry about 10% of the time with Newsblur)

Please understand that I love Newsblur, have paid my $24 with no qualms, and want to move back to Newsblur – I miss the filtering, and greatly prefer the web interface to feedly’s. But I’m reading more and more on my tablet (and even phone), and presently it’s more pleasant to use Press there.

All of those features are present in iOS and will soon make their way to Android. Would you expect a third-party dev to hit all of those and still support NewsBlur’s other native features. I don’t think so.

Oh, I agree, Samuel. I look forward to when the features hit the Android app.

Thank you for the information, I greatly look forward to the android update.

I hope you don’t take these requests as offensive or downplaying how wonderful the service is. I know that I for one get annoyed with something I can’t do atm on the mobile, fire up a feedly service then immediately start missing Newsblur :slight_smile: I very much look forward to the future and don’t want to come across as negative here. Thank you for actively taking part in the discussion.