Google Reader versus NewsBlur

I started to use NewsBlur some month ago and I’m happy to see that NewsBlur continues to get better and better. I often made the comparison and used both readers and lately NewsBlur started to always win in terms of speed and reliability. Now NewsBlur is my default (only) Feedreader.
The only thing missing is an update of the mobile site, so I can read my river of news there (the mobile Google Reader site however will be hard to beat - that’s near perfect ;-)).
The Android App is decent but not quiet good enough but I always favor a mobile site because it usually is faster (and certainly is more direct).
Thanx for the great work!

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As far as the Android App goes, I’m currently working on an update that will hopefully improve your experience. Please feel free to let me know if there are any specific features/tweaks you’d like to see. Thanks!

Already send my comments to developer, hopefully he will include some of then in new version.

On top of that, you should do something about that “parse error”, I’m getting it on regular basis.
Also, feeds are sometimes marked read, sometimes not. For example when I open first story and then just go next/previous. If I move faster, which I do offten since I read only headlines and skip those I’m not interested in, there are always 2-5 stories which I saw but app didn’t mark them read.

Old requests were:
Mark as read button in each feed, folder, and global mark as read button for all feeds/folders.
Ability to colapse folder so I don’t see feeds in folder.
Ability to mark feed as unread.

I’ve also made the switch from Google Reader to NewsBlur. I’m a premium member and use the iOS app on my iPod touch. I’ve also started using Read It Later, and was happy to find both the app and web send to RIL with ease.