Google Reader import stuck at loading screen

When I try to import my Google Reader feeds, it never gets past the load screen with the spinning sun and the text, “Hold on just a smidgen…If I was [sic :)] a bird I’d be a pigeon.” My user name is ‘bmf’

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Wait, is this siccum because the lyric is actually “If I were a pigeon” or because it’s grammatically incorrect? We’re talking KMD here.

As for your real issue, what’s your browser and OS? We tested against a variety, but this happens and probably has very little to do with your account and more to do with a security setting.

I’m running Firefox 14.0.1 on Windows 7. I have Adblock Plus 2.1.2 as an add-on, and I have plugins.click_to_play set to ‘true’, if either of those matter.

Oh, and it was just a comment on the grammar. I think you have the lyric right.

Just tried it in Chrome, and it worked. I hope this helps people with the same problem in the future…

We tested on every flavor of Firefox/Chrome/Safari/IE9 we could get, and it seems like it has something to do with tab/window controls. I wish there was an easier way to reproduce it.