Google Reader import -- some feeds missing

I imported my Google Reader feed to my premium account. There were 50 feeds, and the main Newsblur page says all 50 are there, but the sidebar contains just 44. Is there a way to see the other six so I can check the feeds?

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I was able to remember what a few of them were and fill them in – what’s odd is that Newsblur easily added them, but did not up my total site count, suggesting that it has them in my account somewhere. I still can’t find all 50, though.

That’s interesting. They must be hidden somewhere, but I’m not sure where. What’s your username, I’ll take a look.

It’s just my name, Peter Orvetti

Any updates?

Just got to this after a rare weekend filled to the brim with plans. One of those is a duplicate and one of those was legitimately lost. I added the lost feed, and I’m writing to code to automatically remove duplicates so the count is correct.