Google reader feeds help

How do you import google reader feeds after you’ve skipped the opening step to do so?


If you’re on the standard desktop page, clicking on the green ‘+’ on the bottom left of the page should open up an ‘Add Sites and Folder’ window. At the bottom of that window is an ‘Import’ option allowing you to import either from Google Reader, or your own OPML file (which you can export from Google Reader also).

Hope that answers your questions.

Thanks for the speedy response!

I don’t get an Import Feeds option. Just a little pop up window

Yeah, I was afraid that might be the case. That is the new interface Sam has been building. I’m guessing he’s been giving all new users the new interface (which gives this tweet a bit more meaning. I have to go to to access that interface).

Your best bet might be just to use the link directly:Google Import. It’s what that button I highlighted links to in the old interface.

Good luck