Google Alerts, HuffPo and More Do not Auto Update?

Hi there,

So I’m using newsblur as almost a newswire. I have less than 65 feeds, I have 23 actually. But none of them seem to auto-update. Ever. I always have to “insta-fetch” the feeds to get them to refresh.

I’m finding that this is even more prevelent with Google Alerts, Huffington Post, MSNBC (NBC News) and it’s quite frustrating!

Any ideas on why these feeds don’t update? Is there a way of adding a “refresh” button to “auto-insta-fetch” all? username is “bobbylaurie”

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I’m finding that NONE of my feeds are updating now.


If you go premium it will update your feeds much more frequently.

Also, HTTPS in NewsBlur doesn’t currently support real-time updates.

Are you using the web or mobile?

Nevermind, I can answer that: Chrome. Your sites should be updating, but they only update for a couple days unless you log back on to the site. If they were more popular, they’d be constantly updated, but because they are google alerts, I reckon you’re the only subscriber. (Right click on a site and go to Statistics to find out).

Going premium will update your sites 10x as often, but you still need to login to make sure your sites continue to update.