Going to Next Unread in the current feed

Let us suppose I am going through a list of stories in a feed. And reached the last Unread story by using “Next Unread”. During this time, a new story has come in and is at the top of stack. When I click “Next Unread”, Newsblur keeps trying to find next unread story after the last one I read. It does not scroll up, only tries to find next one scrolling down endlessly.


Hmm, this is an old old problem. Let’s address the underlying issue: when a new story comes in on the feed you are currently reading, what should NewsBlur do? The old behavior was not to even update the site unread count so that when you went to another feed, in a few seconds the feed you were just on has a new story. This worked well, but it always felt off.

I changed it to update the current feed’s unread count, but then left it at that. What I should probably do is add a button somewhere that says there are new stories and you should reload to see them. Better yet would be a button that loads the stories in at the top without losing your place on the page. But that’s a whole lot of work for an edge case. Better to just let you know and have you refresh when ready. I think I’ll try implementing that button this week.

Also, just so you know, at one point I *did* bring the new stories in at the top, but it would push your current story down the list. I would scroll you to it, but you’d still lose your place, even if just for a second.

Can you also make N refresh the feed and go to the new post[s] in this case? Since NB knows there’s a new post, it won’t let N go to the next feed in the list, so one has to manually refresh for N to keep working.

Unfortunately, there are conditions where the feed will show an unread but really doesn’t have one. It’s rare and it should be fixed, but it’s manifest from a number of possible causes. What that means is that if you hit this bug and use the behavior of just refreshing the feed, you’ll never find the story. I could add some flags that know you’re doing a next unread lookup, and if no story is found after a feed refresh, cycle through to the next feed. It would be a bit cumbersome and odd, but it would work. Not sure if it’s worthwhile.

You can just hit the ‘r’ key to reload a feed. Perhaps that helps?

Yes hitting R is the current way to manage this situation, but getting there seriously breaks the flow of reading.

Read article
Hit N
Read article
Hit N
Nothing happens
Confirm that there are, in fact, unread posts in the feed
Hit N
Hit N
Hit N
Get Frustrated
Smash R
Smash N

Three years later and this still hasn’t been fixed; I’m still running into this almost daily…