Going to a shared story from a user you don't follow gives "Oh no! There was an error"

So, I’m looking at the people’s profiles that I’m following, and from there jumping from user to user to see what they shared/commented. I arrive at a user that has an interesting shared story. Clicking on that story gives “Oh no! There was an Error”.

After I click on that user’s “preview” and then back to his profile and clicking on a story, I’m taken to the story on that user’s blurblog, but his blurblog’s title (like “suchandsuch’s blurblog”) doesn’t appear.

And I also think that going directly on a story in a user’s blurblog that I don’t follow, I should be presented with the button to “follow” him, like in the case when clicking “preview”.

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I’ll be adding the follow button soon, with the new Circular work. As for the error, could you provide the URL of the error?

Using Firebug, I notice that the error appears on this URL: http://www.newsblur.com/social/storie… (for example; it happens with every user that I don’t follow). This one gives “500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR”.

Ah-ha, see the ‘undefined’ in the URL? What did you click on to get there? This might be the bug I’ve seen a fair number of times and haven’t figured out how to reproduce.

You click on a Preview for a user you don’t follow? This definitely works, so I’m wondering, how did you get to that profile screen? Did you just click their profile icon on a story they shared?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. click on the gear
  2. click on Friends
  3. click on I’m Following
  4. click on Roy
  5. click on Flardinois (here you need to pick a user you don’t follow)
  6. click on a shared story title
  7. experience “OH NO THERE WAS AN ERROR”

YES! You found the bug I’ve been hunting for a week. Fixed. Also, those style issues have been fixed. Turns out I was inadvertently including the bookmarklet’s CSS on the main site.

Yes, this is solved for stories shared that have at least a comment. But for stories that are shared and have no comments, it displays the first story from the user’s blurblog. To reproduce this, click on the third shared story from Flardinois.

Fixed the follow activity link. Thanks for finding it.

Clicking on the shared story works for me. Takes me to the comments section of the story, even if it’s not the first story.

Um, I think it’s broken again. The behaviour I’m experience today is like the one described by me in the message on August 27, the one with the multiple screenshots. More specifically, when I click on stories without comments fomr people I don’t follow I receive “Oh no there was an error”. The stories which have comments seem to work fine.

Great find. I hope this is fixed once and for all. I added some extra logic to handle these edge cases so they should always resolve to the correct user. Thanks!