gocomics popup breaks story mode

All of my gocomics.com feeds are broken in story mode. They load almost all the way, and then what is probably supposed to be a popup loads in the frame, removing the content. Examples:


Workaround is to use the ‘text’ view and open them in new windows, which kinda sucks.

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Try http://www.comicsyndicate.org/ for alternate feeds. Not a complete list, but I can get a lot from there.

Hrrm. That site does allow me to get the comics I want, but at the cost of not providing any ad revenue to the authors (I believe authors on gocomics.com get paid in a revenue sharing model). I would much prefer to be able to read the comics the way they are meant to be read, just within Newsblur.

That’s because they are employing an iframe buster. NewsBlur uses an iframe buster buster, but it’s only 95% effective. It does prevent the majority of iframe busts (and diverts you back to the Feed view), but it’s not always the winner in these wars.