global shared stories

i like the new river. is that everything everyone shares? so should my shared stories show up there? (they don’t.)…




Nope, it’s not everybody’s. It’s only people that the popular account is following. Your account should be there, but if not, let me know your username and I’d be happy to add you.

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thanks samuel. i had a hunch that when i got added by popular it would show up there but it didn’t. it couldn’t it be because my username is different from the name of my blurblog which is ephemera? my username is johannesk.

Yup, your stories should be there.

nope. they are not showing up :frowning:


I handle support about once a week. I’ll have time to get to this early next week.

And you are there. See screenshot:

yeah for some reason if i comment on a story it shows up but if i post a new item it doesn’t. how is this possible?

Ok, I spent a couple hours diving deep into this bug and discovered a hole that only effects stories shared from the bookmarklet when being viewed in the river blurblog (All/Global Shared Stories). Whew! Fixed. Let me know if you can now see your stories. :slight_smile:

far out. it works! thank you! :slight_smile: