Global Shared Stories is broken for me in browsers

When I click on Global Shared Stories, all I get is a pulsing blue line immediatedly under the left-hand “Global Shared Stories” title.

This happens on OS/X, in both Firefox and Chrome. iOS Newsblur works as usual.

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Still happening

Hmm, works fine for me and logs show it’s working for others. You must have some extension installed. Can you post a screenshot of your loaded extensions?

“logs show it’s working for others” – what do they show for me?

This is happening on OS/X Mavericks, in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. I do have 1Password running in all of those. Here’s a screenshot of Global Shared Stories not working in Safari with extensions disabled.

Can you load the developer console? I just want to see the error that showing up.

Here you go. It keeps repeating the “toggle_focus_in_slider” message (a total of 423 times), then quiets down (and the blue line at the top stops flickering and disappears).

Ah-ha! You’re in Focus mode. Switch to Unread mode to see stories. (Bottom of the feed list, click the grey button).

Ah! Thanks.  The perils of unused features…