Global Search?

I was looking around for a search that would look through all of my feeds/items because I get a lot of things everyday, and sometimes I just remember the title of one I want to go back and look up.

In Google Reader and TT-RSS this was a pretty straightforward global search, but I couldn’t find an equivalent in NewsBlur.

Now, I’ve had other questions I put in just be me missing an obvious thing, and I’m hoping that’s it this time too.

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If you click on “All Site Stories” first you should be able to search with the search box at the top right. Worked for me at least.

Ya, I got into that, but it doesn’t seem to actually search?

Or, more accurately, I know the title of the post I’m looking for and I enter it, but it just returns all the things I’ve read in recent history (if I sort by all and newest first) or nothing (if I switch to undread, since I’m currently caught up).

I tried some basic parameters to refine further (quotes around my search, double and single, wildcards, etc.) but that also failed me.

Normally I’d switch to author or blog title, but the whole reason I’m searching is because I can’t remember those. XD

Global search doesn’t work for me either. I’d love to figure this out.