Global keyword training

I would love to train keywords globally, instead of repeating it in each feed. Best use case that comes to mind is upcoming election season, where I’d like to hide *anything* with ‘Candidate X’, in *any* feed.


I think this would be a useful addition BUT IMPORTANT for me is that it is an ADDITION!

The reason: training for feeds separately is an even more important feature.
Let’s assume you have a feed about security and one about android topics. 
If you use an Android smartphone you definitely want to know if there are security issues with ‘Android’ BUT you don’t want to use the keyword ‘Android’ globally because it would highlight nearly EVERY story in the ‘Android-feed’.

So yes, global training would be appreciated but only as an additional feature :slight_smile:

I whole-heartedly agree! Global keyword training would really help.

Incorporate me into this list! Global training would help me a lot, so many words are in the starting block: Angela Merkel, Bill O’Reilly - - - Will be a red-letter day to type all those word into the newly built global training screen (-:

Seems like global training should be an easy incorporation to the proggy. Why not make a good program better?

I’m planning on building this as part of newsblur premium pro, which is launching after premium archive, which gives unlimited unreads and backfill of stories for $99/year. Pro will include global classifiers as well as notifications for terms outside your own feeds. That will cost $299/year. These are both in line with the amount of compute that needs to happen relative to a premium account for $36/year.