GIANT Newsblur AD

I post directly from Newsblur to my wordpress site using the email option. I wind up with a Newsblur ad attached to EVERY item I post. This is too much. As a premium subscriber I find this too much. I don’t want to upset the flow on my site with a GIANT Newsblur ad at the end of each post! How can I remove this? thanks.

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Um, what exactly is the NewsBlur ad? The “Send to email” option has a logo at the bottom. But that’s how the emails work.


just replace giant ad with logo in my original post and tell me how to get rid of it. thanks.

Please cancel and refund my Premium subcription.

oh come on

God forbid you edit your own posts and delete things that don’t need to be there. You know, like EVERY OTHER BLOGGER,

I agree with nuts and tazio…I over reacted to a minor problem. My social skills need improving, and I am sorry. Please do not eject me from the Newsblur family. I retract my cancellation. I will not drink so much coffee before my next communication. Over and out.

Heh, totally fine. I usually see past the emotion and can tell what’s really going on. In this case, the logo is pretty low key and at the bottom. If you’re creating an email->blog post service, you should probably either proxy it, or just share the story through NewsBlur and re-post the RSS feed, which is easy enough to do.