Ghost Unread Items for Folder

I have a folder showing 336 unread items. This is the web-based NewsBlur using Chrome browser. Yet, I am not able to read them all. I have tried refreshing, and traversing the stories in different ways. I am posting this as a new topic per Sam’s request at the end of the Ghost Unread Items topic.

Also tried marking folder as read. No change in count.

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How do I get some help from NewsBlur on this? It has been two weeks with no replies.

What’s your username and what’s the folder?

Could it be that you are temporarily muting sites? I had a site temporarily muted that had an unread count of 89. The folder including the feed had a an 89 unread count that was driving me mad until I figured this out.

Ohh, if it’s muted sites, I need to get that fixed. Anybody else notice muted sites contributing to the unread count?

Ok, fixed the bug where muted sites would count towards unreads.

A muted site was the problem. Thanks, Gummi! Sam, thanks for the bug fix so soon after his reply.