Getting stuck on "Fetching text..." on many posts

Trying to read All stories on iOS with good connectivity (either WiFi or 3G), many posts have the “Fetching text…” progress report displayed.

This didn’t happen with the previous version of the iOS app.

Posts that are fine and posts with this problem alternate. It’s not quite every other post, but close.

When this happen, waiting several minutes doesn’t make any difference.

Sort of workaround: mark the post unread, (continue reading other posts), go back to All stories/All, refresh by pulling down and start reading all stories again. It will keep happening on some posts, but eventually one manages to go through all the posts that way.

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There doesn’t seem to (always) need a refresh to workaround this issue, i.e., the following is enough: mark the post unread, (continue reading other posts), go back to All stories, read some other unread post, go back again to All stories and try reading the story that didn’t work. This morning this has been enough.

So the issue doesn’t seem related to the Refresh.

This issue is no longer happening. I assume that some tweaks on the server helped fix this. Many thanks.

Yup, I fixed this a couple days ago. Thanks for reporting it!

Looks like this problem is back, at least on my Mac running Chrome.