Getting Newblur (blurblog) RSS feeds

Can you tell me the RSS version of my blurblog? Are there other RSS feeds created by newsblur when items are shared? (I am looking for something similar to ‘starring’ items in Google Reader–note I could use newly starred items as a trigger in IFTTT, and similarly I can use new RSS feeds). Thank you.


This does not work.
I need my blurblog…
to render as an XML RSS feed. Right now, this is an HTML page.
How to get a proper XML feed of my BlurBlog?

The same way you get an RSS feed from anything else, in most browsers it’s an RSS logo in the URL bar.…

If you look on your blurblog page, there is a rss link to the feed for the page in the header. Eg,…

The number seems to be a user ID, so you’d need to pull your link from your blurblog.