Fully-read feeds remain on Unread screen in landscape view on iPhone

Feeds with no remaining unread items are sometimes incompletely removed from the Unread list when I return to the main screen in landscape orientation on my iPhone 5.

In the following screenshot, I have just finished reading Dumbing of Age and returned to the main screen. DoA remains on the Unread list, obscuring Girls With Slingshots, which has 1 unread item. I previously read Chainsawsuit, which remains on the list without obscuring the next item.

This stuff happens properly:

  • The name of the feed goes from bold to regular.

  • The grey number box at right disappears, because there are 0 unread items.

  • Every feed below the empty one moves up one slot.

This part is broken:

  • The name of the feed doesn’t disappear. It stays on the list, covering up the name of the next feed (but not its unread count). If the name of the next feed is more than half the width of the screen, the last few letters are visible.

Refreshing the list forces the empty feeds to disappear. I haven’t observed this bug in portrait orientation, but I almost always read in landscape view because of how comics are laid out.

I have the latest versions of iOS (7.1) and NewsBlur (4.0.3). This problem was present in at least the previous two versions of the NewsBlur app.

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It’s not a bug in the slightest. It shows you the feeds you’ve recently read.

Thanks for the quick reply, but I don’t think you read my post. I understand that the recently-read feeds are left there on purpose, but sometimes I get two feeds on one line.