Fully-read feeds not shown in feed list

Feeds disappear from the feed list (but not the feed view) when I read the last item; Ars was the latest victim. Fully-read feeds from before this began happening are not visible either. However, they are all still are listed on the OPML file.

Also, my Wolfram|Alpha feed seems to have a phantom unread item that has been there for days.

These problems are seen on two computers and three browsers.

My account is init2null. Thanks!

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Go to Preferences (click the tiny gear icon in the lower left corner) and see the settings for Site sidebar. They are:

Show everything (what you seem to want)

Hide sites with no unread stories (what seems to be enabled right now)

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Can’t believe I missed that when I was looking, but I’m sure I didn’t change that setting. Thanks!

You probably hit the “X Sites” button at the very top of your feed list. That’s the shortcut to switching between all/unread views.