From PayPal to regular Credit Card

Hey there… so my last payment (Marc 2013) was done through PayPal and was set up as a recurring payment. It was going to renew in March using PayPal, but they hosed up another recurring transaction for me (unrelated to Newsblur) last month, so I want to be as done with them as possible.

I just renewed (couple of months early) using a regular credit card transaction, so I’m good until March 2015. Can I safely assume that canceling the PayPal recurring thing won’t cause a problem next year - that the most recent transaction (a few mins ago) being non-PayPal credit card will ensure that next year’s transaction is also not handled through PayPal?


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Yeah, if you cancel Paypal you’ll be fine. I give everybody a grace period of a month anyhow, so no matter what your account would persist. Also, you can go to Manage > Account and see your payment history and expiration date.

You’ll be emailed automatically in case of an expiring premium subscription.

Awesome - thanks. I saw the expiration update to 2015 today when I ran the non-Paypal transaction through, but wanted to make sure nothing would get out of whack by canceling the recurring payment in PayPal.

Thanks for the fast response!